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Ice Caves Oregon - semalt

Near Bend Oregon there are some caves called the ice caves. They were very cold inside them. -


Pandav Caves || Pachmarhi - semalt

pandav caves in pachmarhi. The picturesque Satpura ranges around Panchmarhi town hide countless natural and historical marvels. One of them is right inside the town - five rock-cut temples known as Pandav Caves.These rock-cut caves have been made in low hill and in front of this exciting monument there has been developed wonderful garden. Such garden is rather common sight of many Indian landmarks - beautiful tradition which would not harm visitor attractions in other countries as well.BUDDHIST TEMPLESCaves have been hewn by Buddhist monks. Different sources mention different time of their creation - some name that caves have been created as early as in the 1st century AD, others - that caves were shaped in the 6th - 7th century AD or in the 9th - 10th century AD. When looking at the architecture of the facades, one of the later times seems more credible.The facade of each cave is adorned with several columns and pilasters with simple adornments.Caves are roughly carved but they are attractive. One of caves served for meditation - it has got beautiful echo effect. One more cave was devoted to Buddhist god of wealth often named Kubera.In earlier times caves were adorned with paintings but this adornment unfortunately is gone now.On the top of hill there have been found remnants of brick structure - Buddhist stupa. Here was found a statue of Buddha which is in Bhopal now.ADVENTURES OF PANDAVASTemples though have been named after Pandavas - adventurous brothers from the Hindu epic Mahābhārata.Caves have even given the name to the town - "Panchmarhi" can be translated like "five caves" or also "five huts".According to the local mythology Pandavas were living in these caves for 12 - 13 years while hiding away from their enemy relatives. There are several more Pandava Caves in India where reportedly have been hiding these same Pandavas - like Pandav Leni Caves in Nashik, Maharashtra.One of brothers, Arjuna, taught music to Nagpati, he wedded daughter of Nagraj Vasu who lived in Nagdwari some 15 km from Panchmarhi.According to the legend five caves were made for each of the brothers - Yudhishthira, Arjuna, Nakul, Sahdeo, Bhima and for their wife - Draupadi.Draupadi Cave (Draupadi Kuti) is the most spacious and best ventilated one. Bhima's Cave (Bhim Kothari) is the darkest of them all - Bhima was the toughest of all five brothers.ANCIENT PAINTINGSSometimes it is mentioned that Pandav Caves in Panchmarhi contain valuable paintings. This is not exactly true - Pandav Caves contained medieval paintings which unfortunately are lost now.Satpura ranges though contain many other, more ancient rock shelters. Some of these caves contain paintings left by Stone Age people - like Dhuandar Caves, Bharat Neer (Dorothy Deep), Chieftain's Cave, Hearer's Cave (Harper's Cave), shelters in Kites Crag.#pachmarhi #pandavcaves -

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Wookey Hole Caves - semalt

Revamped, restored and totally remarkable, the new Wookey Hole experience is bursting onto the 2008 holiday scene in an explosive mix of History, Mystery and Fun. This video was filmed by 'Britain's Best Breaks'. -

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Painted Caves - Najma - semalt

Najma, a new song by the Milwaukee-based Painted Caves. From a jam session at the Amarrass Terrace Sessions in Gurgaon, India in November 2014. www.amarrass.com © 2014 Amarrass Records. -

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Mermaid Caves~Oahu - semalt


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$tinkworx - Drexion Caves - semalt

http://lemusicassette.com -

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Missouri caves 2 - semalt

Missouri, the cave state! -

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Dangerous Caves - EarthBound - semalt

Music: Dangerous CavesComposers: Hirokazu Tanaka, Keiichi Suzuki, Hiroshi Kanazu Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...Platform: SNESPlease read the channel description. -

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srisailam akkamahadevi caves - semalt


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This is a short summary of the season 2010 for our first electric Formula Student car, the eace01.It includes footage from the 2010 FSE event at the Hockenheimring as well as clips from Turin 2010, where we participated in the FEHI.Enjoy! -

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Profibox Promotion&LP Promotion 2013.07.14. Sturovo - semalt


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The Historical Place #The Ajanta Caves & The Ellora Caves - semalt

The Ellora Caves and the Ajanta Caves are near Aurangabad in Maharashtra. Chalukya and Rashtrakuta kings ruled over the Deccan from the middle of the 6th century AD to almost the end of the 12th century. The former were tolerant of all religions and, under their liberal patronage, the technique of excavating rock-cut temples reached a high degree of perfection. The Ajanta Caves in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra state of India are about 30 rock-cut Buddhist cave monuments which date from the 2nd century BCE to about 480 or 650 CE. The caves include paintings and sculptures described by the government Archaeological Survey of India, which are masterpieces of Buddhist religious art, with figures of the Buddha and depictions of the Jataka tales. The caves were built in two phases starting around the 2nd century BCE, with the second group of caves built around 400–650 CE according to older accounts, or all in a brief period of 460 to 480 according to the recent proposals of Walter M. Spink. Ellora is an archaeological site 29 km north-west of the city of Aurangabad in the Indian state of Maharashtra, built by the Rashtrakuta dynasty and Yadav. Well known for its monumental caves, Ellora is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and forms one of major tourist attraction in Marathwada region of Maharashtra. .The 34 "caves" are actually structures excavated out of the vertical face of the Charanandri hills. -

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attractions in the countryside on the Tennessee River, take a ride & look around! -

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Wolf Caves 1.14.17 - semalt

Neildo does Wolf Caves -

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Doki - Crystal Caves - semalt

Well, here's another episode, after putting it off for so long.None of this content is mine. I don't get paid to upload this. Everything you see in this video (With the exception of everything outside the episode that I couldn't be bothered to edit out) was produced (And owned) by Portfolio Entertainment for Discovery Kids Latin America. © 2014 - 2015 Discovery Communications, LLC No copyright infringement intended. -

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Hello and welcome to my channel. I will take you on a photographic journey into the mysterious world of caves in Varadero, Matanzas, Cuba, located in Varahicacos conservation area. This documentary video presentation is about two tourist attractions: the Ambrosio Cave and the Muslims Cave. In Spanish translation Cueva de Ambrosio and Cueva de Musulmanes.Please subscribe to my channel. -

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SOMA Soundtrack - Caves - semalt

SOMA Soundtrack - Adult Flesher Chasehttps://youtu.be/JCJEYEFQKLISOMA Soundtrack - Ambience Stage 2https://youtu.be/IuwGzsqSaRgSOMA Soundtrack - Ambience Stage 1https://youtu.be/T9x783Bwo5ISOMA Soundtrack - Simon's Armhttps://youtu.be/y_7vSD0f-cESOMA Soundtrack - Dark Encounter 2https://youtu.be/7QJc2KOAM30SOMA Soundtrack - Dark Encounter 1https://youtu.be/8Cj1-GIlFdgSOMA Soundtrack - 2nd Ambiencehttps://youtu.be/TGxt8qRutrwSOMA Soundtrack - 1st Ambiencehttps://youtu.be/MkCfivZSviISOMA Soundtrack - Conversationhttps://youtu.be/HG4dSL9cXc0SOMA Soundtrack - Voiceshttps://youtu.be/PNwMs3cJymISOMA Soundtrack - Space Gun Sequencehttps://youtu.be/7xbZdEx3XokSOMA Soundtrack - Space Gun Revealhttps://youtu.be/fvfhYyoUnsESOMA Soundtrack - Creature Stalkshttps://youtu.be/g1h-K6NMfpQSOMA Soundtrack - Mirror Lookhttps://youtu.be/EmURUh7jyjcSOMA Soundtrack - Scan Roomhttps://youtu.be/EGToUGh1Hz8SOMA Soundtrack - Intro Sequencehttps://youtu.be/Bj5hKKe19X0SOMA Soundtrack - Hallwayhttps://youtu.be/iTumJmWP290SOMA Soundtrack - Empty Bedhttps://youtu.be/l0nu4QJP5nkSOMA Soundtrack - Elevator Doorhttps://youtu.be/ufCZwpgjQWwSOMA Soundtrack - Coral Encounterhttps://youtu.be/Leg0V2qHgrUSOMA Soundtrack - Akers Chasehttps://youtu.be/eIx8f6Ty8oYSOMA Soundtrack - Still Alivehttps://youtu.be/Y4EayZfjT6oSOMA Soundtrack - Ambient 7https://youtu.be/_3hYMlgBCx4SOMA Soundtrack - Satellite Scenehttps://youtu.be/zvHDb4xeg_oSOMA Soundtrack - Crawler Attackshttps://youtu.be/z1wQlRMGr8kSOMA Soundtrack - Corridorhttps://youtu.be/cnL3Egh71QkSOMA Soundtrack - Stormhttps://youtu.be/MejLrOxFh30SOMA Soundtrack - Ambient 6https://youtu.be/BeMqjHtRvRoSOMA Soundtrack - Brutalhttps://youtu.be/FfwKljEk9TcSOMA Soundtrack - Creature Attacks 2https://youtu.be/bsDg3dkrefMSOMA Soundtrack - Creature Attackshttps://youtu.be/VSZBJXIdx-cSOMA Soundtrack - Leviathan Stalkshttps://youtu.be/IW5owXZbIGkSOMA Soundtrack - Leviathan Entershttps://youtu.be/t0tpOl0i3koSOMA Soundtrack - Leviathan Chasehttps://youtu.be/25LpLoJBsE4SOMA Soundtrack - Leviathan Attackshttps://youtu.be/bFjuLT92gpcSOMA Soundtrack - Ambient 5https://youtu.be/29FXAIkA1jkSOMA Soundtrack - Ambient 4https://youtu.be/V-PLNoZfrBcSOMA Soundtrack - Robot Girl Stalkshttps://youtu.be/nfWeVd3RBbESOMA Soundtrack - Robot Girl Sightinghttps://youtu.be/D7NWqT4P5sYSOMA Soundtrack - Robot Girl Scarehttps://youtu.be/govpORrq3xASOMA Soundtrack - Robot Girl Attackshttps://youtu.be/xtvpTBmBW-MSOMA Soundtrack - Robot Girl Ambienthttps://youtu.be/UYfJnZ2hc8kSOMA Soundtrack - Ambient 3https://youtu.be/13vNXM1Ki3USOMA Soundtrack - Theta Approachhttps://youtu.be/GTzVIxgx4sUSOMA Soundtrack - Brainhttps://youtu.be/nvO6_43pICYSOMA Soundtrack - Diver Stalkshttps://youtu.be/cLWA319xFn0SOMA Soundtrack - Diver Attackshttps://youtu.be/9ldyrYW0qyoSOMA Soundtrack - Diver Ambienthttps://youtu.be/dmAHtx6g5N8SOMA Soundtrack - Ambient 2https://youtu.be/g4WNpCLJ87ESOMA Soundtrack - Ambient 1https://youtu.be/It-_a6LYo1ASOMA Soundtrack - Flesher Searchhttps://youtu.be/XipOtiC9KioSOMA Soundtrack - Flesher Nearhttps://youtu.be/nyDaGD6pwi4SOMA Soundtrack - Flesher Attackshttps://youtu.be/CbG8rjOa5mwSOMA Soundtrack - Flesher Ambienthttps://youtu.be/nr524wzGIzYSOMA Soundtrack - Coral Stalkshttps://youtu.be/AlUrXNIVJHUSOMA Soundtrack - Coral Attackshttps://youtu.be/7P7vt4UwQuwSOMA Soundtrack - Coral Ambienthttps://youtu.be/9crMA1fSJR4SOMA Soundtrack - Robot Attackshttps://youtu.be/f3Hfpc_Jzr0SOMA Soundtrack - Robot Nearhttps://youtu.be/xKOyu4npg0YSOMA Soundtrack - Escape Collapsehttps://youtu.be/yCoG_oUAiqoSOMA Full Official Soundtrackhttps://youtu.be/uxQxdA7MglcSOMA Soundtrack - Completion Menu Musichttps://youtu.be/nknKITxdVJESOMA Soundtrack - Ingame Menu Musichttps://youtu.be/46IZjBWPjhwSOMA Soundtrack - Trapped Waterhttps://youtu.be/OUN2CDQYMXUSOMA Soundtrack - Trapped Shakehttps://youtu.be/GnyYQb31vO4SOMA Soundtrack - Omnitoolhttps://youtu.be/BJyyquUsyvgSOMA Soundtrack - Elevatorhttps://youtu.be/bNEtaopjLOkSOMA Soundtrack - Apartmenthttps://youtu.be/W_7yaG3SjioSOMA Soundtrack - There's Something Wronghttps://youtu.be/rXRE1PGOLDwSOMA Soundtrack - Enter Darknesshttps://youtu.be/43MoJbuVxUESOMA Soundtrack - Aquariumhttps://youtu.be/QID4Et00sb4SOMA Soundtrack - Apartment PIANOhttps://youtu.be/ofFB4_AJkvQSOMA Soundtrack - Subwayhttps://youtu.be/st3I9extTcgSOMA Soundtrack - Ringtonehttps://youtu.be/fMiJ5vC3dkISOMA Soundtrack - Menu Musichttps://youtu.be/_0GeQSpenBASOMA Soundtrack - End Creditshttps://youtu.be/dN79PyIpV6cSOMA Soundtrack - Load Screenhttps://youtu.be/MfuLVqez5_ESOMA Soundtrack - Main Themehttps://youtu.be/cdABlBDXCC0 -

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Delver - Shimmering Caves - semalt

Follow whitewolfmusic on SoundCloud:https://soundcloud.com/whitewolfmusic... -

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Caves of Gokarn - semalt

Пещеры Гокарны -

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Swordigo icy caves - semalt

You can't finish this stage without dragon grasp power. To get dragon grasp power go to the fiery depths. -

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Batu Caves is well known for its numerous macaque monkeys, which visitors feed — sometimes involuntarily. These monkeys may also pose a biting hazard to tourists (especially small children) as they can be quite territorial. -

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Wellington Caves, NSW. - semalt

The caves at Wellington, NSW. -

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Caves of Lascaux - semalt

This is a video that gives a simple description of the cave with Paleolithic art located in Lascaux France that was "discovered" in 1942. This video gives a basic explanation and helps students understand the importance of early form of art.-~-~~-~~~-~~-~-Please watch: "Diego Rivera" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeF5N...-~-~~-~~~-~~-~- -

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SOHN - Caves (unreleased) - semalt

this is an unreleased song.©2014 4ADPlease buy his records, he is awesome!http://www.sohnmusic.comhttp://www.4ad.com -

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Ipoh Caves HD - semalt

Malaysia adalah sebuah negara yang didiami oleh pelbagai etnik dengan amalan keagamaan masing-masing oleh tiga kaum utama iaitu Melayu, China dan India serta lain-lain. Walaupun Islam menjadi agama rasmi namun kaum lain juga mengamalkan agama masing-masing mengikut kepercayaan tersendiri. Apatah lagi kedudukan masjid, makam, kuil, tokong dan sebagai bersebelah di antara satu sama lain bukanlah menjadi persoalan. Amalan toleransi dan pemafahaman di antara satu sama lain amat penting bagi mencapai keharmonian.Sejak beberapa kurun dahulu lagi gua telah dijadikan tempat beribadat oleh penganut agama Hindu dan Buddha. Malah gua juga telah dijadikan tempat untuk meditasi dan beristirehat. Negeri Perak Darul Ridzuan amat kaya dengan keunikan gua yang amat cantik dan mengkagumkan terutamanya disekitar Bandar Ipoh. Gua-gua ini menjadi kuil bagi penganut agama Buddha lebih dari 100 tahun dan kini menjadi lokasi pelancongan yang sering dilawati oleh pengunjung tempatan mahupun dari luar Negara. Gunung Rapat yang dikeliling oleh tiga kuil utama iaitu kuil Gua Kek Look Tong, Kuil Ling Seng Tong, dan Kuil Sam Poh Tong. (Tong membawa maksud Gua) Masing-masing mempunyai keunikan tersendiri. -

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Cayman Crystal Caves - semalt

Here, in the Northside area of the island are a marvelously preserved collection of caves that rival any in the Caribbean: Crystal Caves. -

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Caves Beach NSW - semalt

Our Caves beach Day trip from Newcastle NSW. Near Swansea.This was part of our Brisbane to Sydney roadtrip on our around australia roadtrip.See http://www.my-family-vacation-ideas.com/Our family travel vlog is packed with Ideas for your next family vacation with children. An awesome travel guide full of beautiful places to visit, tips and must see attractions from around the world. Family travel has never been easier. Visit the My Family Vacation Ideas family travel blog today.See more of the best travel places in Australia and around the world to visit with kids today and plan your trip. -

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Undavalli Caves Vijayawada - semalt

Undavalli Caves or Four storeyed rock cut hindu temples are located 6 km south west from Vijayawada.These structure commenced in 6th-7th century. Undavalli Caves are associated with the Vishnukundi kings of 420-620 A.D.. Undavalli Caves are dedicated to Anantha Padmanabha and Lord Narashimha. Buddhist monks used these as Rest Houses. There are several caves and the best known largest one has four stories with a huge recreated statue of Vishnu in a reclining posture, sculpted from a single block of granite inside the second floor.Ground floor is unfinished pillered hall,first storey houses the trinity,second was dedicated to Anantasayana Vishnu and the Top storey was intended for triple shrine but unfinished,some of the extant sculptural specimens,on stylish grounds were attributed to the chalukyan period.Undavalli Caves are surrounded by the green countryside. From the high hill above the cave overlooking the Krishna River many fine specimens of rock cut architecture can be seen.People say there is a 9 kms long underground passage leading to the sacred Mangalgiri mountain. Many locals believe in its existence and consider that the entrances have been closed and hidden by authorities to avoid accidents. -

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It was a one day ride covering a round trip of 650kms from Bangalore to BELUM CAVES which is located in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh. As per sources Belum Caves are the largest and longest cave system in India open for the tourists. The second largest caves in India after the Krem Liat Prah in Meghalaya and famous for their unique formations. Till date more than three and a half kilometres of the cave has been successfully explored of which only a kilometer and half is accessible to common tourists.The deepest point of Belum Caves 46 meters at a certain point inside the cave, which is known as Pataalaganga.Belum Caves was in my wish list since a long time but the right season to visit is during peak winters and due to miss management of times from last few years I was missing it. Yes, you heard it right peak winter since Belum Caves becomes very hot as it’s a underground tunnel and apart from entrance there is no other way for air to get inside for which inside temperature increases due to heat entrapment.One will find a big Buddha statue after entering the arena of Belum caves. There is a small restaurant and a children’s park present in the premises. Sufficient parking place is available both for two and four wheeler with a nominal parking charge. Entry fee for adult is INR 65 and children are INR 45, no additional charges for foreign nationality. Rout taken are: Bangalore-Anantpur-Tadpatri-Belum Caves. Majority of road will be highway and good roads. Attention is required post Tadpatri as heavy truck moments increases.Travel pics available on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wanderlusto...FB: https://www.facebook.com/wanderluston... -

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The Škocjan Caves - semalt

The Škocjan Caves, Slovenia.A short video showing a small section of Route 2. Pictures taken at the same time can be found here..http://on.fb.me/opI9tbRic / Vantastic Journey -

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Michigan Ice Caves - semalt

Eben Ice caves, Munising Falls, and Grand Island ice caves. -

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Mendenhall Ice Caves - semalt

Juneau Ice Caves on a cold sunny day.Music: The Vamps, Matoma - All Night -

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Caves em Iwagakure - semalt

Pag Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/starkanjo?re...Canal You tube:http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxvCT... -

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Swordigo Great Caves - semalt


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My God // CAVES - semalt

Caves perform their song "My God" in Studio B for 100 Huntley Street. -

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History of Caves - semalt

Explore the history of caves in Missouri.NARRATOR: Darkness.........For millions of years caves in Missouri existed in perpetual night. No light to illuminate the dazzling formations. No way to see the dozens of creatures that call this unique habitat home. Nothing but blackness. But sometime in the distant past....light came to the underground world.Dwight: Certainly Missouri cave resources have been utilized from the very beginning of time, when man entered Missouri and they continue to be used to this very day. To the Paleo Indians or the period of history from about ten thousand to twenty thousand years ago, caves were a very essential means of survival to those early cultures. They used the caves for a place to live at times in the entrances, the caves provided them with a source of water, the caves were good protection against the cold of winter and the heat of summer and insect pests, but they also used the caves as a place to bury their dead, they used the resources in the cave; the clay for pottery, and the flint for their weapons and tools. So the caves were really a nucleus that let them spread out into the uplands of Missouri.NARRATOR: Dwight Weaver is a public information officer with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. He is also an avid caver. His interests in both caves and their history makes him the states premier historian.......and Missouri's underground heritage is a rich field of study.Dwight: It's that mystic of wanting to find out what's around the next corner, and the fact that caves are totally dark and the only light you have is the artificial light you bring with you, means that, just within a few feet of you, it's totally dark and that provides a great deal of mystery. We have always been a people who liked adventure, who liked to explore, people came west because they were attracted to the resources in these areas. NARRATOR: In the 1700's settlers from the east began to enter the state of Missouri. Like the Native Americans before them, they used caves for shelter and protection, but they found another resource in caves necessary for survival. One of the ingredients for gunpowder.Dwight: These fellows came in when this was really a wilderness, they had no supplies from back east or other sources. They had to make their own gunpowder, make their own bullets. They would go into the caves and where the bats use a cave they leave guano on the floor, during the deterioration process of that guano it impregnates the sediments of the cave, the clays, the soils the sands and silts with nitrogen. And they could extract this material, process it and come up with saltpeter crystals which, combined with sulfur and charcoal produces gunpowder.NARRATOR: The growth of communities brought on new needs and new uses were found for Missouri's caves. Their spring fed streams were used for mills, the cool temperature was used as cool storage. In St. Louis, caves where used as ice houses and as breweries. The German brewmaster Adam Lemp started his operation in a cave at the corner of Cherokee and 13th street in 1840. Another brewery nearby, the Bavarian Brewery, used caves for aging their product. Today, that brewery, Anheuser-Busch, is one of the worlds largest, and beneath it's foundations still lie the original storage caves. The turmoil of the Civil War, brought violence and chaos to the state, and Missouri's caves were no exception. With their stores of saltpeter for gunpowder, caves were a valuable commodity ......eagerly sought by both sides in the conflict. Quantrills Irregulars were said to have destroyed gunpowder mills in Meramec Caverns, giving rise to the rumor that Jesse James, one of Quantrills men, later used the cave as a hideout. In an era of bandits and bushwhackers, the darkness may have taken on a new significance. Then came the automobile and the electric light . Suddenly, caves transformed from utilitarian shelters to tourist attractions. Caves went commercial, and Missouri established it's reputation as the cave state.Dwight: At this time, in Missouri history caves were commercialized. In many ways they modified the caves, they put in walkways, they put in platforms, they used the caves for dance halls, beer gardens and roller rinks, all kinds of social activities. Following World War II when we had better roads, better highways and better vehicles, they began to open caves for tourism. There's been no time since the beginning of this period that we haven't had at least two dozen show caves open to the public.NARRATOR: But Missouri's cave resources don't stop with the commercial caves. There are more than 5000 known caves in the state, and more are being located every year. These underground sanctuaries provide a unique ecosystem for dozens of exotic creatures. They are valuable living laboratories.....a place to study our groundwater resources. And they have provided adventure and excitement to generations of explorers. -

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Enormous vertical caves - semalt

Enormous vertical caves -

Seo Monigottsöd

All the Caves - semalt

Provided to YouTube by Absolute Marketing International LtdAll the Caves · ChordsRAMiami Drum & Bass 2015℗ 2015 RAM Records Ltd.Released on: 2015-03-15Auto-generated by YouTube. -

Seo Mehlmeisel


Vlog 068SUBSCRIBE - https://www.youtube.com/user/novacogn...Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/jacksonktho...Twitter - https://twitter.com/JacksonKThomas?la...Website - https://jacksonkthomas.squarespace.com/Lydia Thomas: https://www.instagram.com/lydia.thomas/Geneva Thomas: https://www.instagram.com/heyitsgeneva/Heidi Thomas: https://www.instagram.com/heidigthomas/ -

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BROTURES promotion - semalt


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book promotion - semalt

book promotion video -

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Amazing Caves HD - semalt

Travel around the world and explore amazing caves. -

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Tung’ande Caves #11 - semalt

Tung’ande Caves are located in Kilwa District in Lindi Region. -

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Ice Caves Iceland - semalt

Ice caves in Iceland are have a short lifespan but are a majestic beauty to witness. You can only visit them in winter. In the dead of winter, when everything appears as a seamless blanket of white, cathedrals of blue crystal are formed deep within the heart of Iceland's glaciers. -

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Caves with Windows - semalt

Missing you all from Maeda, Okinawa.Song: Clementine by Washington -

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Tadipatri (Belum Caves) - semalt

Tadipatri (Belum Caves) -

Seo Geiselrot

Hope Leslie - Caves - semalt

"Caves" is the third song from "Crushes EP" by Hope Leslie.Full EP available now on Spotify, Tidal, iTunes, SoundCloud.Bandcamp: hopeleslie.bandcam.comHOPE LESLIE:Bartosz Górny // vocals, guitarsHubert Pilarski // guitars, keysDaniel Walkowiak // bassAdam Woźniak // drums"Crushes EP" recorded at "W Kuźni", Nakło nad Notecią. All songs written, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Hope Leslie. Cover art by Ada Brożek (Brocat) and Hope Leslie.Follow Hope Leslie on:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hopeleslieof... Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hopeleslieo...Subscribe to Hope Leslie’s YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/HopeLeslieYTchannelContact us: booking.hopeleslie@gmail.com -

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planet earth caves - semalt


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Caves - 11 Ender - semalt

Track eleven from the new Caves album Betterment. Released July 2013 on Yo-Yo Records // Bombed Out Records.STREAM: http://caves.bandcamp.com/album/bette...VINYL: http://yoyorecords.blogsport.de/CD: http://www.bombedout.com/store/produc...http://wearecaves.tumblr.com/https://www.facebook.com/wearecaves -

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Hell Fire Caves - semalt

Hell Fire Caves at Halloween. We visited on Sunday 6th November and it looked great and we wanted to share it with you guys. -

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Mysterious Caves - REMASTERED - semalt

This is a track from my recent Golden Sun Soundtrack Remastering Project. The whole project (and all of the files) are available here:https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_O...A description of what you will find in this project can be found here:https://www.reddit.com/r/GoldenSun/co...Many thanks to Motoi Sakuraba for such a wonderful soundtrack. I cannot express enough how much of an impact this soundtrack has had on me, and I hope that I can share this experience with you. Thanks for listening! -

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Winery Khareba Caves - semalt

Our tour of the Winery Khareba wine caves at the base of the Caucasus Mountains -

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Ajanta Caves.....MAHARASTRA - semalt

The Ajanta Caves (अजिंठा लेणी), Maharashtra, India are 29 rock-cut cave monuments which date from the 2nd century BCE. The caves include paintings and sculptures considered to be masterpieces of both Buddhist religious art (which depict the Jataka tales) as well as frescos which are reminiscent of the Sigiriya paintings in Sri Lanka.The caves were built in two phases starting around 200 BCE, with the second group of caves built around 600 CE.Since 1983, the Ajanta Caves have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The caves are located in the Indian state of Maharashtra, near Jalgaon, just outside the village of Ajinṭhā(20°31′56″N 75°44′44″E). Caves are only about 59 kilometers from Jalgaon Railway station (on Delhi - Mumbai, Rail line of the Central railways, India); and 104 kilometers from Aurangabad (From Ellora Caves 100 Kilometers).The Ajanta Caves were carved in the 2nd century BC out of a horseshoe-shaped cliff along the Waghora River. They were used by Buddhist monks as prayer halls (chaitya grihas) and monasteries (viharas) for about nine centuries, then abruptly abandoned. They fell into oblivion until they were rediscovered in 1819. On 28 April 1819, a British officer for the Madras Presidency, John Smith, while hunting tiger, accidentally discovered the entrance to one of the cave temples (Cave No. 9) deep within the tangled undergrowth. Exploring that first cave, long since a home to nothing more than birds and bats and a lair for other, larger, animals, Captain Smith wrote his name in pencil on one of the walls. Still faintly visible, it records his name and the date, April 1819.Shortly after this discovery, the Ajanta Caves became renowned for their exotic setting, impressive architecture, historic artwork, and long-forgotten history -

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Nosaj Thing - Caves - semalt

Nosaj Thing "Caves" from the album 'Drift' on Alpha Pup RecordsLearn more at http://www.alphapuprecords.com/ -

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Edakkal caves Wayanad - semalt

Edakkal caves located in Wayanad, Kerala, India -

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White Scar Caves - semalt

Source: White Scar Caves - Yorkshire | Videography : Kapila ThilakarathneWhite Scar Caves is a network of caves under Ingleborough hill in the Chapel-le-Dale valley of the Yorkshire Dales National Park in the North of England. -

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Glass Caves - Muscle - semalt

Glass Caves EP launch live at Fibbers York 12/04/13 -

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Nosaj Thing - Caves - semalt


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Carter caves campground - semalt

This video was uploaded from an Android phone. -

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promotion dress - semalt

promotion dress -

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Crystal Caves Bermuda - semalt

Crystal Caves Bermuda Review for families. For more family things to do in Bermuda see http://www.my-family-vacation-ideas.c...Image Credits For This VideoMy Family Vacation Ideas would like to thank the following people for their Creative Commons-licensed content for commercial use.Crystal Caves, Bermudafrom FlyNutAACrystal cavefrom sergio_leenenDelonix regia (royal poinciana)from Sam Fraser-SmithFantasy Cavefrom sergio_leenenCrystal Cavefrom TenSafeFrogsCrystal cavefrom andrewmaloneCrystal Cavefrom sergio_leenenCrystal Cavefrom mmmavocadoRoots Detail @ Crystal Cavefrom Tony Takitani_DSC2447.jpgfrom Craig StanfillCrystal Cavefrom TenSafeFrogsCrystal cavefrom andrewmaloneCrystal Cavefrom TenSafeFrogsFantasy Cavefrom sergio_leenenCrystal Cavefrom TenSafeFrogsFantasy Cave, Bermudafrom Five FurlongsCrystal cavefrom andrewmaloneCrystal cavefrom andrewmaloneCrystal cavefrom andrewmaloneFantasy Cavefrom Five FurlongsFantasy Cavefrom Craig StanfillFantasy Cavefrom Craig StanfillFantasy Cavefrom Craig StanfillFantasy Cavefrom Craig StanfillBanyan Treefrom Craig StanfillGreat Kiskadeefrom Craig StanfillCafe Olefrom Craig StanfillFantasy Cavefrom Craig StanfillFantasy Cavefrom Craig Stanfill_DSC2436.jpgfrom Craig Stanfill_DSC2489.jpgfrom Craig Stanfill_DSC2442.jpgfrom Craig Stanfill_DSC2428.jpgfrom Craig StanfillCrystal Cave - 29from Garden State HikerStalagmites at Crystal Cavesfrom josh.ev9Crystal Cavefrom TenSafeFrogsCrystal Cavesfrom josh.ev9Crystal Cavesfrom josh.ev9Crystal Cavesfrom josh.ev9Crystal Cavesfrom josh.ev9Crystal Caves in Orangefrom josh.ev9Crystal Cavesfrom josh.ev9Crystal Water in Crystal Cavesfrom josh.ev9_DSC2423.jpgfrom Craig Stanfill_DSC2493.jpgfrom Craig Stanfill_DSC2492.jpgfrom Craig Stanfill_DSC2470.jpgfrom Craig StanfillCrystal Caves - bermudafrom innuendoMe & Karen in the Crystal Cavesfrom josh.ev9_MG_2884from dbking_MG_2855from dbking_MG_2815from dbking_MG_2889from dbking_MG_2838from dbking_MG_2837from dbking_MG_2814from dbking -

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Spellbound Caves 16: INCEPTION (Minecraft Spellbound Caves Fleece-Ception) - semalt

Let's get 400 LIKES!! It would mean a lot!!Follow me on Twitter! http://www.twitter.com/bobloblawtxspellbound cavesbobloblaw1978 spellbound cavesspellbound caves walkthroughminecraft spellbound cavesspellbound caves minecraftvechs super hostile series best custom maps in minecraftminecraft best mapsbest maps minecraftminecraft mapsminecraft inceptionminecraft fleece ceptionfleece-ception -

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Conch Bar Caves | The Lucayan Caves | Turks and Caicos - semalt

Cave Exploring; Check out the Lucayan Caves of Middle Caicos☽⇻SUBSCRIBE NOW: http://bit.ly/2lMtkKyThe Conch Bar Caves also know as the Lucayan Caves on Middle Caicos is the largest non-submerged cave system in the Bahamas-Turks and Caicos island chain and is a Turks and Caicos national park. Like this video? Please help give it a thumbs up, comment, and share with a friend! Your extra love helps keep this channel going and I appreciate you guys, thank you so much lovelies.⇻ Conch Bar Caves Information ⇺Open 9:00am - 3:00pm(649) 247-3157☽ previous video ✂⇻follow me series ➫ http://bit.ly/2kDmrJF⇻ other socials ⇺ Instagram ➫ http://instagram.com/lovefari_di Twitter ➫ http://twitter.com/lovefaridiPinterest ➫ http://pinterest.com/lovefaridi⇻ m u s i c ⇺My friend Edwin is from Middle Caicos so I thought it was only right that I use a song he made for this video :-)Edwin- life is a journey ➫ https://soundcloud.com/edwin-forbes/l...⇻ t e c h ⇺Editing software: Adobe Premiere ProCamera: Canon T5i ➫ 50mm - 10-22mm Lens☽ For business inquiries please email me at: lovefaridi.yt@gmail.com× Not sponsored. -

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Elephanta caves Mumbai - semalt

Elephanta caves Mumbai are very beautifully located.Http://mumbai.guidento.comMusic by Dan-O at DanoSongs.com -

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Dubrovnik caves freediving - semalt

Freediving in Caves of the coast of Dubrovnik -

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Conan Exiles Caves - semalt

Conan Exiles Caves and Dungeons locations. -

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Reincarnation - Painted Caves - semalt

Milwaukee's Painted Caves new track 'Reincarnation', live at the 'Machine Demands a Sacrifice' at the Milwaukee Art Museum on Sat. Feb 7, 2015. -

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Wetton Mill Caves - semalt

One of my favourite places in the Staffordshire Peak District is Wetton Mill in Manifold Valley. Above the small tea room there is a limestone feature, a kind of open cave with tunnels. I used to go there as a child, and also as a teenager when I needed some time for myself. Here I was visiting with my parents on my birthday in 2012. -

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Rithma - Caves, Tunnels - semalt

128kbps.Available:https://www.discogs.com/Rithma-Caves-...https://www.beatport.com/release/cave... -

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Baggy Point Caves - semalt

This video is about Baggy Point Caves -

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Tiffany Haddish Caves - semalt

While doing an interview comedian Tiffany Haddish tells a reporter that Bill Cosby is one of her inspirations and made a joke about taking a drink and taking a nap afterwards. The white supremacist media and social media trolls attacked Tiffany so she caves and backtracks about wanting to work with Cosby. The things folks do for the Hollyweird sell out life. -

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GoPro: Ice Caves - semalt

Fly into Juneau, Alaska and descend into the beauty of Mendenhall Glacier.Shot 100% on the HD HERO3+® camera from http://GoPro.com.Music Courtesy of ExtremeMusichttp://extrememusic.com -

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Barra Honda Caves - semalt

Take a virtual tour of Barra Honda, the only national park in Costa Rica established to protect caves. -

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Al Hofuf caves - semalt

Caves near (150km) Al Khobar (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) in Al Hofuf 25°24'39.12"N 49°41'31.77"E -

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Tibia - Promotion - semalt

Como obter promotion Tibia -Informações mais detalhadas, quais os locais e com quem falar: http://www.tibiawiki.com.br/wiki/Prom... -

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Sales promotion - semalt

Sales promotionSales promotion is one of the five aspects of the promotional mix The other 4 parts of the promotional mix are advertising, personal selling, direct marketing and publicity/public relations Media and non-media marketing communication are employed for a pre-determined, limited time to increase consumer demand, stimulate market demand or improve product availability Examples include contests, coupons, freebies, loss leaders, point of purchase displays, premiums, prizes, product samples, and rebatesSales promotions can be directed at either the customer, sales staff, or distribution channel members such as retailers Sales promotions targeted at the consumer are called consumer sales promotions Sales promotions targeted at retailers and wholesale are called trade sales promotions Some sale promotions, particularly ones with unusual methods, are considered gimmicks by manySales promotion includes several communications activities that attempt to provide added value or incentives to consumers, wholesalers, retailers, or other organizational customers to stimulate immediate sales These ef Sales promotion Click for more; https://www.turkaramamotoru.com/en/sa... There are excerpts from wikipedia on this article and video -

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HELLFIRE CAVES MUSIC BY DJ DARKSIDE AND FIFTHERAwebsitehttp://www.thetorturechamber.net -

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Running through Caves! - semalt

Lets connect! Add me on your social media!https://www.instagram.com/coreyomar/https://twitter.com/coreyomarhttps://www.facebook.com/coreyomar/Subscribe to my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsYO...Watch my last videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cnnJc...************************************************************************************************************************* -

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Cremesso Promotion - semalt


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Emoji /Promotion/ - semalt

Emoji - /Promotion/Дэлгэрэнгүй бүтнээр үзэхийг хүсвэл UNIVISION, DDISHTV, LOOKTV гээс хүлээн авч үзээрэй. -

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Prashna: Promotion? - semalt

Application of Prashna Principles. -

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promotion demotion - semalt

its another office episode.SOCIAL MEDIA➤Twitter: https://twitter.com/trashtoons➤Discord Server: https://discord.gg/xbRRd9sTrashToons is a (possibly?) ironic "animated" series, which often has confusing punchlines and characters.By Ollie B. Norwood and Pauly E.**NEW VIDEOS EVERY OTHER DAY** -

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ingleborough Caves Yorkshire - semalt

A short video taken in and around the caves - The cave tour takes about 45 minutes and is well worth doing -

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Caves da Raposeira - semalt

Este vídeo, das Caves da Raposeira em Lamego, foi produzido no âmbito da U.C. projeto I. -

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Elephanta Caves - India - semalt

The Elephanta Caves are a network of sculpted caves located on Elephanta Island, or Gharapuri (literally he city of caves) in Mumbai Harbour, 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) to the east of the city of Mumbai in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The island, located on an arm of the Arabian Sea, consists of two groups of caves—the first is a large group of five Hindu caves, the second, a smaller group of two Buddhist caves. The Hindu caves contain rock cut stone sculptures, representing the Shaiva Hindu sect, dedicated to the god Shiva. -

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Cheddar Gorge Caves - semalt

Cheddar Gorge famous Caves, Goughs cave and Cox's cave featuring the new multi media attraction Dreamhunters. If you would like to see the extended video click here, https://youtu.be/mKnoaEjVC-Y -

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The Hellfire Caves - semalt

Earlier this month I took a day trip to the Hellfire caves in West Wycombe. I was so inspired by the place that we shot this impromptu film.Find out more at http://www.hellfirecaves.co.uk/Follow me on TWITTER http://www.twitter.com/lauraredwitchYou can find me also, on Etsy where I sell original artworks, prints and trinkets. http://www.etsy.com/people/LauraRedWitch---------------All visuals and graphics Copyright Laura C Daligan 2012Music by Richard Naylor and Kevin MacleodShot and edited by Gordon C Burns -

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Mayan Caves & Ruins - semalt

Cave Tubing & a visit to the Mayan ruins "Xunatanitch" in the Cayo District of Belize. -

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Sea caves, Castlerock, - semalt

Access to this stretch of beach and the sea caves depends on the tide. -

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Trevanion Caves, Dover - semalt

Trevanion Caves, a large complex behind Dover Sports centre that was adapted to air raid use during WW2. This cave is linked by a long tunnel (Guilford or Guildford Tunnel) to Athol terrace caves and aothers. -

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Snorkeling caves Australia - semalt

Cave diving down under. Filmed with GoPro HERO 3+ Silver edition.Check out our second snorkeling through underwater cave video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wbnti...Subscribe and likeOur Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/other_broth...--------------------------------------------------MusicDiviners feat. Contacreast - Tropic Love [NCS Release]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6RJv...Diviners➞ SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/divinersmusic➞ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/divinersmusic➞ Twitter https://twitter.com/divinersmusic➞ Instagram https://instagram.com/divinersmusicContacreast (vocalist)➞ SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/djcontacreastNCS➞ Twitch http://twitch.tv/nocopyrightsounds➞ Spotify http://bit.ly/SpotifyNCS➞ SoundCloud http://soundcloud.com/nocopyrightsounds➞ Facebook http://facebook.com/NoCopyrightSounds➞ Twitter http://twitter.com/NCSounds➞ Google+ http://google.com/+nocopyrightsounds➞ Instagram http://instagram.com/nocopyrightsounds_ -

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lux natura - caves - semalt

soon.-More on twitter: https://twitter.com/EeuphonioussMore on facebook: http://bit.ly/117StR8Picture by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/l_i_l_i_t/-lux natura:https://soundcloud.com/luxnatura/http://luxnatura.bandcamp.com/All Eeuphonious uploads in one playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...Questions? Suggestions? Mail: eeuphonious@gmail.com -

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Surfing In Caves - semalt

Imagine if we lived in a world with no sunblock? We'd probably have to surf in caves. -

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Caves A Boards - semalt

Making a simpler A board and showing more lettering.See http://jwren-images.co.uk for my websiteand https://soundcloud.com/jrwren for my musical soundcloud channeland not forgetting my Facebook Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/John-Neal-Ch... -

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Gopro - Freediving Caves - semalt

Day down at some caves near Avalon was really sick to see all the wild life.Music is not mine -

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Lambagh Bicholim Caves - semalt


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पांडवा कि गुम्फा / Pandava Caves / Pandavleni Caves in Nashik - semalt

The caves can be traced back up to the 1st century BC by inscriptions recording donations. Out of the twenty-four caves, two caves are a major attraction - the main cave which is the Chaitya (prayer hall) has a beautiful Stupa; the second one is cave no. 10 which is complete in all structural as well inscriptions. Both the caves have pictures of Buddha come out of a printer stuck all over the rocks there is also no water supply there. The caves are facing eastwards. So it is recommended to visit the caves early morning as in sunlight the beauty of carvings is enhanced.The caves were called Pundru which in Pali language means "yellow ochre color". This is because the caves were the residence of Buddhist monks who wore "the chivara or the yellow robes". Later on, the word Pundru changed to Pandu Caves (as per Ancient Monuments Act 26 May 1909). Decades later people started calling it Pandav Caves - a misnomer which is used for every cave in India.The various inscriptions confirm that Nashik in that period was ruled by 3 dynasties – the Western Kshatrapas, the Satavahanas and the Abhiras. It seems there was always a conflict between Satavahanas and the Kshatrapas over supremacy. However, all the 3 kings fully supported Buddhism. The inscriptions also confirm that apart from the kings, local merchants, landlords too supported and donated huge sums for the development of these caves.The group of 24 caves was cut in a long line on the north face of a hill called Trirasmi. The main interest of this group lies not only in its bearing on its walls a number of inscriptions of great historical significance belonging to the reign of Satavahana & Kshaharatas or Kshatrapas. But also in its representing a brilliant phase in the Rock-Cut architecture of the second century CE. There are altogether 24 excavations though many of these are small & less important. Beginning at the east end they may conveniently be numbered westward. They are almost entirely of an early date and were excavated by the Hinayana sect. Mostly, the interior of the caves are starkly plain, in contrast to the heavily ornamented exterior.I hope you guys enjoyed our video and dont forget to subscribe to our channel -

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