- Promotion Desmond - Johnny Desmond - Sixteen Tons

Desmond Dekker - Israelites 1968 - semalt

I get up in the morning slaving for bread sirso that every mouth can be fed -- poor me IsraelitesI get up in the morning slaving for bread sirso that every mouth can be fed -- poor me Israelitesmy wife and my kids they pack up and a-leave medarling she said I was yours to be seen -- poor me IsraelitesShocked then I tear up chose as I goI don't want to end up like Bonny and Clyde -- poor me Israelitesafter a storm there must be a calmingyou catch me in your farm you sound your alarm -- poor me IsraelitesI get up in the morning slaving for bread sirso that every mouth can be fed -- poor me Israelitesmy wife and my kids they pack up and a-leave medarling she said I was yours to be seen -- poor me IsraelitesShocked then I tear up chose as I goI don't want to end up like Bonny and Clyde -- poor me Israelitesafter a storm there must be a calmingyou catch me in your farm you sound your alarm -- poor me IsraelitesPoor me Israelites poor me Israelites poor me Israelites -


The Book of Desmond - semalt

Another Leftovers/LOST mashup -

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Desmond Doss Memorial Dedications - semalt

Highway marker and commemorative plaque honoring conscientious objector and Medal of Honor winner Desmond T. Doss are dedicated in his hometown of Lynchburg, VA. -

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Desmond the moon bear - semalt

The end -

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Woman (1953) - Johnny Desmond - semalt

from Coral Records 9-61069 45 rpm -

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Paul Desmond - Take Five - semalt

"Take Five" is a jazz piece composed by Paul Desmond and performed by The Dave Brubeck Quartet on their 1959 album Time Out. Recorded at Columbia Records' 30th Street Studio in New York City on July 1, 1959, fully two years later it became an unlikely one-hit wonder and the biggest-selling jazz single of all time. Written in the key of E-flat minor, it is famous for its distinctive two-chord piano vamp; catchy blues-scale saxophone melody; imaginative, jolting drum solo; and use of the unusual quintuple (5/4) time, from which its name is derived. It was first played by the Quartet to a live audience at the Village Gate nightclub in New York City in 1959.Paul Desmond (born Paul Emil Breitenfeld; November 25, 1924 – May 30, 1977) was an American jazz alto saxophonist and composer, best known for the work he did in the Dave Brubeck Quartet and for composing that group's greatest hit, "Take Five". He was one of the most popular musicians to come out of the West Coast's cool jazz scene.In addition to his work with Brubeck, he led several of his own groups and did significant collaborations with artists such as Gerry Mulligan, Jim Hall and Chet Baker. After years of chain smoking and general poor health, Desmond succumbed to lung cancer in 1977 following one last tour with Brubeck. -

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Desmond The Giant Bun!!! - semalt

Just a random compilation of clips of Desmond being cute! If you liked it, please give this video a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe! Social Media:Tumblr: http://trugge.tumblr.com/Twitter: https://twitter.com/tylerruggeInstagram: https://instagram.com/tylerrugge -

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Desmond Tutu on leadership - semalt

The 1984 Nobel Peace Laureate Desmond Tutu discusses what makes a good leader. See the whole interview at http://nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/pe... -

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Desmond Foster - Reggae Music - semalt

Design By: J@h Richie -

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Perdidos: Sayid y Desmond - semalt

Doblaje de Perdidos en el que pongo voz a mi personaje favorito de la serie, Desmond y al tío con el acento más molón, Sayid. Después de tanto imitarlo tenía que probar con algo como esto. Este doblaje es amateur hecho con ganas de pasarlo bien. Y esto es todo, espero que os guste. -

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Desmond Dekker - The Man - semalt

Studio version of The Man (Instrumental). -

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Desmond Mason windmill dunk - semalt

Bucks @ Bobcats - 02/22/2005 -

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Desmond Williams - Brooklyn Blues - semalt


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Desmond Dekker - disco version - semalt

a disco version of Israelites !! -

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Desmond's Dilemma - semalt

From the Tales of the Wizard of Oz -

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Desmond The Moon Bear - semalt

How did I get here? -

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Johnny Desmond - Sixteen Tons - semalt

Performer: « Johnny Desmond »« Sixteen Tons »Audio : Very Hq - CD Quality Sound -- MP3 320 KbpsAlbum : « Johnny Desmond » by « Johnny Desmond »Genre et sous style: Vocal -

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Desmond got his BAHA! - semalt

Dez got his bone anchored hearing aid today! I think he's really enjoying all these new sounds coming to his right ear. :) -

Seo Sítio Nei Minardi

The Gruffs - Desmond Brainstorm - semalt

The Gruffs - Desmond BrainstormAlbum: Esmeralda2018PsychobillyI do not own the copyrights to this song. -

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Kim jest... Desmond Lockheart - semalt

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/kryptafallout/Encyklopedia: http://pl.fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Stro... -

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Promotion Interviews - Preparing for promotion interviews - semalt

http://www.theinfluencebusiness.com/ Interviewing for a new position can be unsettling and unless you're a naturally gifted speaker (which is extremely rare), nerves and pressure on the day can impact on your ability to present and articulate your case in a relaxed, authentic and confident manner. Jack Downton from The Influence Business provides you with some top tips to help you communicate your business case more effectively in the boardroom. -

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Archbishop Desmond Tutu Speech - semalt

Nobel Peace Prize winner, Archbishop Desmond Tutu speaks to the Rotary world at the Rotary World Peace Symposium. -

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AC - Desmond Miles tribute - semalt

Soudtrack edit mix by Ormeus Production:"Assassin's Creed 3 - Lindsey Stirling" + "Assassin's Creed 3 Main Theme - Lorne Balfe" -

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What is Sales promotion? Explain Sales promotion, Define Sales promotion, Meaning of Sales promotion - semalt

~~~ Sales promotion ~~~Title: What is Sales promotion? Explain Sales promotion, Define Sales promotion, Meaning of Sales promotionCreated on: 2018-09-16Source Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sales_p...------Description: Sales promotion is one of the elements of the promotional mix. . Sales promotion uses both media and non-media marketing communications for a pre-determined, limited time to increase consumer demand, stimulate market demand or improve product availability. Examples include contests, coupons, freebies, loss leaders, point of purchase displays, premiums, prizes, product samples, and rebates. Sales promotions can be directed at either the customer, sales staff, or distribution channel members . Sales promotions targeted at the consumer are called consumer sales promotions. Sales promotions targeted at retailers and wholesale are called trade sales promotions. Sales promotion includes several communications activities that attempt to provide added value or incentives to consumers, wholesalers, retailers, or other organizational customers to stimulate immediate sales. These efforts can attempt to stimulate product interest, trial, or purchase. Examples of devices used in sales promotion include coupons, samples, premiums, point-of-purchase displays, contests, rebates, and sweepstakes. Sales promotion is implemented to attract new customers, to hold present customers, to counteract competition, and to take advantage of opportunities that are revealed by market research. It is made up of activities, both outside and inside activities, to enhance company sales. Outside sales promotion activities include advertising, publicity, public relations activities, and special sales events. Inside sales promotion activities include window displays, product and promotional material display and promotional programs such as premium awards and contests.Sale promotions often come in the form of discounts. Discounts impact the way consumers think and behave when shopping. The type of savings and its location can affect the way consumers view a product and affect their purchase decision. The two most common discounts are price discounts and bonus packs . Price discounts are the reduction of an original sale by a certain percentage while bonus packs are deals in which the consumer receives more for the original price. Many companies present different forms of discounts in advertisements, hoping to convince consumers to buy their products.------To see your favorite topic here, fill out this request form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FA... ------Source: Wikipedia.org articles, adapted under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/... license. Support: Donations can be made from https://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/... to support Wikimedia Foundation and knowledge sharing. -

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8100A promotion clip by Debol promotion - semalt

SMS in support of the great Ethiopian Renaissance dam 8100 A -

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Desmond Tutu nativity story - semalt

Archbishop Desmond Tutu tells a story of Joseph meeting the inn-keeper. -

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desmond jump instagram desmondjump - semalt


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Dermot Desmond 5.mpg - semalt

Dermot Desmond 5 - Legends in Your Lunchtime -

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storm desmond 2015 fast - semalt

Sat 5th December 2015 Storm Desmond arrived.This footage mainly at x8 speed taken by one of our on board cameras shows how the floods developed eventually trapping ourselves. The predicted severe weather started to have an impact. Among other issues, our local ambulance station became flooded, with the crew moving in to our base. Regional co-ordination of MR responses was scaled up and requests for flood related assistance started to come in. Welfare checks on residents of vulnerable properties, recovery of people daft enough to sink their cars, some responses with NWAS paramedics and a couple of transfers to hospital.During one rescue we recovered 25 passengers from a coach trapped in a landslide at Thirlmere eventually one of our own response Land Rovers became trapped. For more information seehttp://www.lamrt.org.uk/incidents/201...Any money raised from this video goes to Cumbria Flood relief via http://www.cumbriafoundation.org/ways... -

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Heart (1955) - Johnny Desmond - semalt

from Coral EC 81081 EP "Phonorama Time"orchestra directed by George Cates -

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Desmond Llewellyn (Q) - Documentary - semalt

This video is about Desmond Llewellyn (Q) - Documentary -

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Dermot Desmond 4.mpg - semalt

Dermot Desmond 4 - Legends in Your Lunchtime -

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Desmond Tutu Joseph joke - semalt


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06 AMERICA - Paul Desmond - semalt


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Desmond Rodrigo - Bruce Lee - semalt

Sri Lankan pop legend Desmond Rodrigo's (DEZ ROD) song inspired by Bruce Lee. -

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Evicted by Matthew Desmond - semalt

Get your copy of Evicted: https://goo.gl/0lmlDSIn this brilliant, heartbreaking book, Matthew Desmond takes us into the poorest neighborhoods of Milwaukee to tell the story of eight families on the edge.Even in the most desolate areas of American cities, evictions used to be rare. But today, most poor renting families are spending more than half of their income on housing, and eviction has become ordinary, especially for single mothers. In vivid, intimate prose, Desmond provides a ground-level view of one of the most urgent issues facing America today. As we see families forced into shelters, squalid apartments, or more dangerous neighborhoods, we bear witness to the human cost of America’s vast inequality—and to people’s determination and intelligence in the face of hardship.Based on years of embedded fieldwork and painstakingly gathered data, this masterful book transforms our understanding of extreme poverty and economic exploitation while providing fresh ideas for solving a devastating, uniquely American problem. Its unforgettable scenes of hope and loss remind us of the centrality of home, without which nothing else is possible."Astonishing...Desmond is an academic who teaches at Harvard—a sociologist or, you could say, an ethnographer. But I would like to claim him as a journalist too, and one who, like Katherine Boo in her study of a Mumbai slum, has set a new standard for reporting on poverty." —Barbara Ehrenreich, New York Times Book Review“In this astonishing feat of ethnography, Desmond immerses himself in the lives of Milwaukee families caught in the cycle of chronic eviction. In spare and penetrating prose, this Harvard sociologist chronicles the economic and psychological toll of living in substandard housing, and the eviscerating impact of constantly moving between homes and shelters. With Evicted, Desmond has made it impossible to consider poverty without grappling with the role of housing. This pick [as best book of 2016] was not close.”—Carlos Lozada, Washington Post“My God, what [Evicted] lays bare about American poverty. It is devastating and infuriating and a necessary read.”—Roxane Gay, author of Bad Feminist and Difficult WomenClick the link below to get your copy of Evicted: https://goo.gl/0lmlDS -

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Desmond Chambers - Hally Gally - semalt

Reggae Boogie Jam by the late Desmond Chambers. A song dedicated to tiger balm? yes please ! Big fave at the IC HQ.invisiblecityeditions.com -

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Take Five ---- Paul Desmond - semalt

A classic 5/4 jazz tune from the Dave Brubeck Quartet. Take Five! -

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Desmond Simmons - April waits - semalt

from: "Alone on Penguin Island" (1981) -

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Kavindi with Desmond DeSilva - semalt

Kavindi with Desmond DeSilva - Adelaide Curry Night 2017 -

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Desmond Dekker - Israelites . HD - semalt

Desmond Dekker-Israelites. HD 1080 DPOldies uit 192 TVremaster -

Promotion Erdweg

Desmond Dekker - It Mek - semalt

My favourite Desmond Dekker song.RIP Desmond DekkerIt Mekhttp://www.desmonddekker.comPurchase Desmond Dekker CD'sUK - http://tinyurl.com/q474moUS - http://tinyurl.com/oun8x2 -

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Desmond Johnson - UMC Fights - semalt

October 23rd, 2010 - White Bear Lake, SK -

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Desmond Doss Short Documentary - semalt

The story of Desmond Doss. A short documentary that goes over the life of a man who stood behind his principles and convictions, no matter the ridicule. He received a Congressional Medal of Honor for his heroic actions in the battle of Okinawa. -

Seo Eichenthal

Casey Desmond: Déjà Vu - semalt

First single off of upcoming album Déjà VuMusic and Lyrics by Casey DesmondDirected by Vassili Shields and Rodrigo J LopezArt Direction by Casey DesmondMUA Jessie Ammons-CarswellHair by Kayla DuprasOutfits by OHDEERGODChoreography by Niki ThelismondDancers: Niki Thelismond, Imanye Montgomery, Amanda Aprile, Leanne ReardonCasey's double is little sister Mary Lee DesmondAdditional assistance: Elizabeth Siegel, Tara Ozella, Katherine Desmond, Mary Lee Desmond -

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Desmond Bishop Cookin #SWAG - semalt

Desmond Bishop Cookin. The Song is called "Cook, Steak, Knife" By Lil'B -

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Cancion para Desmond-Darcomusic - semalt

Hola Amig@s Si les a gustado el Video Like y compartir se Agradese y Suscribete para no perderte Mis Canciones o Videos que subo Ocasionales ♪♪♪Canal de Desmond.-https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN8c...▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬Twitter.-https://twitter.com/DarcomusicRapSkipe- ShadowRaap1Mi soundcloud -https://soundcloud.com/darcomusic-raap▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬si no tienes skipe mandame un mensaje por Gmail -

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Sinead Desmond - leggy mix - semalt


Promotion Villastar

Ian Desmond 2013 Highlights - semalt

Watch the Nationals with Bob Carpenter and F.P. Santangelo on MASN.http://www.masnsports.com/Ian Desmondhttp://www.baseball-reference.com/pla...http://washington.nationals.mlb.com/t...Ian Desmond is easily one of the most athletic shortstops in the game. He is a consistent threat at bat and has above average speed on the bases. He has two 20/20 seasons already and I would expect more to come. If not for a shaky start in the field in 2013 he would have been a clear selection to the All-Star game. #DesiIn2013Songs-You are Not a Robot- Hoodie Allenhttp://www.youtube.com/user/wearehoodiehttp://www.hoodieallen.com/It's Just Business- Awaken I Amhttp://www.youtube.com/user/AwakenIAmhttps://twitter.com/AwakenIAmI Do Not Own the Music or Clips Used in This Video. In Any Way. No Copyright Infringement Intended. Entertainment Purposes Only. -

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Suomi by prof. Desmond - semalt

Rozhodl jsem se navštíviti tuto krásnou zemi severskou...Inu mé dojmy? Dojmy mé jsou vcelku dokonalé, jedině musím podotknouti důrazem cestovatelským, že pokud navštívíte jakoukoliv z těchto zemí severských...Budete znechuceni ze stavu naší "krásné" republiky České, nebo Slovenské... :) Profesor Desmond děkuje..Pozdravujem Sáriku z Veselého :333 :D -

Promotion Ribes Altes

Desmond Myers - Mr Doubt - semalt

Official Music video directed by Alexandre Humbert: http://alexandrehumbert.comStarring Jessica Lancaster Camera operation by Jeremy & Debbie Deal: http://www.alchemyinimagery.comhttp://www.lunahzon.comProduced by Arnaud Pujol http://septieme-music.fr/work Mixed by Guillaum Jaoul @ Tropicalia Studios in Paris, France Download the single - Follow me!Website - www.desmondmyers.com Facebook - www.facebook.com/desmondmyersmusic Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/desmondmyer...Twitter - https://twitter.com/desmondmyers92 -

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Paul Desmond Quartet - Wendy - semalt

Paul Desmond - saxEd Bickert - guitarDon Thompson - bassJerry Fuller - drums -

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Take Five - Paul Desmond - semalt

Take Five - Paul Desmond -arranged for classical guitar-By Igor louly -

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Desmond Blues sequence dance - semalt

Danced by the Edward Dunn Dance and Social Club -

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Desmond Dekker - Fu manchu - semalt


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Desmond, el niño drag - semalt


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Desmond Dekker - Sugar Dumpling - semalt

Desmond Dekker - Sugar Dumpling (1975) -

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UK & AU: Desmond Leslie - semalt

Desmond Leslie gives an account of the current status regarding flying saucers in the UK. Poor recording. 1955. 08:00 -

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Desmond Williams: Brooklyn Blues - semalt

Desmond Williams Brooklyn Blues from the album Delights of the Garden -

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Run by Andrea Desmond - semalt

http://andreadesmond.comhttp://facebook.com/andreadesmond.musichttp://instagram.com/andreadesmond.musichttp://twitter.com/andreadesmond -

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Nationals 2008 - Desmond Lee - semalt

Desmond LeeNationals 200890kg & Above - 4th -

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Why Fight-Desmond Dekker - semalt


Seo Martinvelle

Desmond Dekker - Licking Stick - semalt

RIP Desmond DekkerLicking Stickhttp://www.desmonddekker.comPurchase Desmond Dekker CD'sUK - http://tinyurl.com/q474moUS - http://tinyurl.com/oun8x2 -

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All Nighter III: Office Desmond - semalt

See you at the singles bar, brotha. See our videos a month earlier at http://www.collegehumor.com and follow us on http://www.facebook.com/CollegeHumor -

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05 OLD FRIENDS - Paul Desmond - semalt


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Ezio rencontre Desmond et Lucy - semalt


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Storm Desmond at Shap/Tebay - semalt

Footage of the effects of Storm Desmond around Shap and Tebay, 5th December 2015, which put the kibosh on the Cathedrals Express, which was due to be hauled by 45699 Galatea. -

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Desmond de Silva with Sunflowers - semalt

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZOL...තවත් හොඳම සිංදු අහන්න අපගේ චැනල් එකට යන්න මෙතන ක්ලික් කරන්න Desmond de Silva with Sunflowers -

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Munting Heredera: Desmond, bistado na! - semalt

Nalaman na ni Lola Ana na hindi si Simeon kundi si Desmond ang kumuha kay Jennifer bago niya ito ibigay kay Ingrid. -

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The Heroism of Desmond Doss - semalt

John Bradshaw with Dr. Charles Knapp, retired army colonel, discuss army life and how Doss' faith got him through. Dr. Knapp also gives insights about the making of the film Hacksaw Ridge. -

Seo Crépion

Assassin's Creed Desmond's Story - Desmond Miles Tribute - semalt

Hey Viewers and welcome to this trailer tribute thing, basically I had nothing recorded to upload so I uploaded this!Please Like and Favorite the video if you enjoyed-----Like Me on Facebook-----http://www.facebook.com/pages/LaZeRzZ...-----Follow Me On Twitter-----http://twitter.com/#!/lazerzzhd -

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business promotion - semalt

Promoting local businesses in the South Florida Arena. -

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Promotion Video + Website 50%off Promotion - semalt

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Gerald Desmond replacement bridge - semalt

"Gerald Desmond bridge" -

Promotion Vaugaudry

Desmond King "Ballhawk" Highlights - semalt

All Rights Reserved. No Copyright Infringement Intended. This video is non-profit, made for entertainment purposes only.2015-2016 Highlights of Iowa University cornerback, Desmond King.SUBSCRIBE and GIVE VIDEO SUGGESTIONS?THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT! -

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Desmond Decker - Roots Rock - semalt


Seo Walton-on-the-Naze

Paul Desmond - Late Lament - semalt


Seo Tempsford

Storm Desmond Mechanisms & Forecast - semalt

Richard goes through the mechanisms that made storm Desmond so impactful this week. Scott gives us the forecast, with more storms on the way. Created by Ben Pickering. Forecasts created every Monday and Thursday. If you'd like to get involved join Reading University Meteorology Society today! https://www.rusu.co.uk/societies/rume... -

Marketing Searby

Ian Desmond Hype Video - semalt

I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE VIDEO OR AUDIO. ALL RIGHTS TO VIDEO ARE TO MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL. S/O to Baseball Factory for one of the highlight videos. Didn't have the space to download them all individually.Got bored over winter break, so I made a highlight video for one of the most underrated players in the MLB. Nationals SS Ian Desmond turned down a 7 year $107 million extension from the Nationals, didn't play well in his contract year of 2015, almost went into 2016 without a team, signed with Texas for next to nothing ($8 million) for one year to play the outfield, tore it up, and finally got a long term deal (5 years, $70 million) with the Colorado Rockies, again sacrificing his position to play where the team needed. In this case, first base. Songs used:Let Her Go Remix - Mike StudKings of Summer (feat. Quinn XCII) - ayokayForever (feat. Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Eminem) - Drake -

Seo company Hopesay

Sinead Desmond Ireland AM - semalt

As always looking great in the morning. -

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Desmond Mason - Supersonics mix - semalt

One of the best dunkers in the game in his younger days. -

Seo company Piano di Coreglia-Ghivizzano

Davy Kehoe - Storm Desmond - semalt

Davy Kehoe - Storm DesmondShort Passing GameWah Wah Wino WINO002April 2017https://boomkat.com/products/short-pa...https://www.discogs.com/Davy-Kehoe-Sh...I am not the copyright owner of this madness. Buy if you like it. -

Seo service Filetto

Desmond Scarlett - "Pappyshow Lover" - semalt

Killer Watts Music Lab 12" ... 1987 -

Seo service Costa di Bassano

Desmond Mason College Highlights - semalt

Highlights from Desmond Mason's college career at Oklahoma State University.Mason is one of the most memorable players in Oklahoma State history. His sensational dunks were almost guaranteed to make it into the highlight reels of local sportscasts and even ESPN's SportsCenter.He is one of just six Cowboys to have had three 400-point seasons, and one of only four to have three 200-rebound seasons. He ranks fifth at OSU in all-time scoring with 1,702 career points. He is also sixth in career rebounding.But Mason wasn't all about offense. Defensively, he is one of only 8 players in OSU history to log 100 steals, 50 blocks and 250 defensive rebounds in his career. His 8 steals against Houston Baptist remains tied for the most by an OSU player in a single game.Desmond Mason started a school-record 104 consecutive games during his career, starting the final six games of his rookie season and starting every game on the court through his final game as a Cowboy. His hard work, dedication and athleticism made him a fan favorite at Oklahoma State, as well as his stints with the Seattle Supersonics, Milwaukee Bucks, New Orleans Hornets and Oklahoma City Thunder during his career in the NBA. He won the 2001 NBA Slam Dunk contest during his time with the Sonics. -

Seo service Castagneto Po

Fighting Desmond | Young Justice - semalt

Pretty dope to see the whole League appearing at the end of the fight.Made me kind of have an orgasm, no lie.Episode Name: 'Fireworks'DISCLAIMER: This clip is from the animated series, 'Young Justice', and therefore does not belong to me. All rights are reserved to the creators of DC Comics and Warner Bros. Animation. -

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Desmond Kelly - The Drink - semalt


Promotion Caldogno-Rettorgole-Cresole

DESMOND "Tutu" BATES PART2 - semalt


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Desmond TF TG Gift - semalt

A early Christmas gift for cait. This is of himself changing into his FA character Desmond Fallout. Added in TG and clothing change.Did this last month. Didn't give me any trouble to make. :3 Only frustration is that it doesn't save well when saving it as a gif.Art by: MeCharacter belongs to: http://caitsith29.deviantart.com/ -

Marketing Ponzalla

Ian Desmond 2012 Highlights - semalt

shoutout to MegaHighlightVideos for requesting this http://youtube.com/user/megahighlight... -

Seo company Armio

Rodrigo Santoro x Desmond - semalt

Mais uma Producción Pínto Bôlà -

Seo service Val Fegana

Desmond's story - semalt

https://secure.mencap.org.uk/desmondDesmond, a 48 year old from London, has an eye condition which healthcare staff at his local hospital have always treated in a way that meets his needs. But when he was referred to a different hospital for an operation, everything changed. -

Marketing Lavaggi

Desmond Viceroy (Parodia Perdidos) - semalt

Spot publicitario ficticio basado en el personaje Desmond de la serie Perdido que es escogido imagen representante de la marca Viceroy -

Promotion Picchetto

Desmond Williams - First Touch - semalt

Portia Joo - vocalsJavier Miranda - congasT. Austin Reed - keyboardsChris Pupa Roots Vrenios – guitarDesmond Williams – bass, guitar, keyboards, producer, beats -

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Paul Desmond - Autumn Leaves - semalt

In the midst of lolling away his time in semi-retirement after the Dave Brubeck Quartet broke up in 1967, Paul Desmond allowed himself to be lured back into the recording studio by producer Creed Taylor, who knew exactly what to do with his idle, but by no means spent, alto player. The result is a beautifully produced, eclectic album of music that revives Desmond's "bossa antigua" idea and sends it in different directions, directly toward Brazil and various Caribbean regions, as well as back to the jazzy States. "Samba With Some Barbecue" is a marvelous bossa nova treatment of Louis Armstrong's New Orleans rouser "Struttin' With Some Barbecue," whose opening bars bear an uncanny resemblance to those of "Samba de Orpheus" (which the erudite Desmond was no doubt aware of). No matter how many times you've heard "Autumn Leaves," Desmond's bossa nova treatment will give you a fresh jolt as he offhandedly tosses off the most exquisitely swinging ruminations; too bad it fades after only three minutes. In a pliable mood, Desmond even consents to record a then-new Beatles tune, "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da," samba-style, quoting "Hey Jude" along the way (it's very possible that he was attracted by the main character of the lyric, a fellow named Desmond), and he makes potent music out of movie tunes like "Emily" and even the snazzy "Lady in Cement." Don Sebesky brings in some intelligently crafted arrangements for big band augmented by French horns, Herbie Hancock turns in some often brilliant solo work in several featured spots, Ron Carter is on bass, and Leo Morris and Airto Moreira alternate on drums. Never before had Desmond's alto been recorded so ravishingly -- Rudy Van Gelder's engineering gives it a new golden-mellow glow -- and the original LP had a great, sarcastic cover: gleaming icicles. DISCLAIMER: All music, lyrics, videos and photos, remain copyright of their respective owners. No infringement intended. Used for the Artist's promotional purposes only. If you like this recording, I strongly recommend you buying the record. -

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"Good Song" // Desmond Jones - semalt

Desmond Jones presents "Good Song", the first single off of their upcoming self-titled debut studio album. Full album will be released on October 10, 2017. Download the single here: https://desmondjones.bandcamp.com/tra...This original song was recorded with Kevin McKay at Inmuso Studios, mixed by Alex Gauthier, and mastered by Glenn Brown.For more information visit www.desmondjonesband.comVideo by Brandon Emerson with additional footage provided by Alex Gauthier and Kevin McKay. -

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13- Desmond Tutu - Kortatu - semalt

Del primer disco de Kortatu llamado KortatuLetra:Y es de verdad, pero no sé que pasa por la república sudafricana Nelson Mandela, está entre rejas y han concedido un Premio Nobel de la paz A Desmond Tutu. Y hablan de represión, contra mineros, contra obreros y estudiantes negros, y es de verdad la resistencia está entre rejas Y han concedido un Premio Noble de la paz: (Ja, Ja) A Desmond Tutu. -

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Promotion eace01 - semalt

This is a short summary of the season 2010 for our first electric Formula Student car, the eace01.It includes footage from the 2010 FSE event at the Hockenheimring as well as clips from Turin 2010, where we participated in the FEHI.Enjoy! -

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